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Based in Los Angeles, California, “We Can Talk About” is a weekly podcast about the moral values in politics and the language we use to transmit them.

The pod is hosted by Chelsea O’Connor, a writer/director/producer/film-maker and for one beautiful summer a coal-plant worker, and Michael Zannettis, a screenwriter and seasoned marketer and advertising executive with a background in the four disciplines of Anthropology — cultural, physical, archaeological, and linguistics — and a masters degree in Public Policy.

“We Can Talk About” is inspired by the ideas of political framing and moral politics, as explored by George Lakoff and others.

“Wow! What a great new podcast! It’s great to hear the hosts view points without feeling as they are pushing any political views directly. They inform us of both sides and tie in lots of cultural references which makes it an enjoyable podcast. As a New Yorker who has to commute, this podcast provides the perfect listening experience as it allows me to zone out (the crazies on the train) and let my brain work a little bit thinking about the various topics. Also, It doesn’t hurt that the length of the podcast is exactly how long my commute is. Winning all around!!!”
— Mahoula, from New York


"I highly recommend this very thoughtful podcast. If there was ever a time in American Politics to stop, think, and understand what the other side is saying -- and why -- it's now."

– DEEMO723 –


"Very engaging! My friend recommended this podcast and so glad I checked it out. Can't wait for the next episode."

– DANIELLE90275 –

"Love the biconceptual perspectives. Political views from young people with just the right balance of maturity and just innocent humor."




"Wow! Just finished listening to the first podcast and can't get enough. Especially love the cultural references!"